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Question by  WordUser (50)

What is the age for breeding a Labrador?


Answer by  tbird (732)

Typically, a female lab should be at the minimum of 18 months old, though 2 years is preferable. Some breeders will use the rule of thumb of the dog's third heat cycle before they will breed them. Before breeding, make sure your dog has a good temperament as age wont matter if s/he doesn't.


Answer by  outlaw (177)

Good results to breeding require physical maturity along with sexual maturity. For this reason the standard age for breeding, whether a female or a male for stud service should be two years old.


Answer by  dawnied (5)

Your Labrador should have gone through at least one heat cycle. It is generally advised that you wait until their 3rd heat and 1 1/2 years of age.


Answer by  srainne (2597)

It's usually thought to be best if you breed labradors after the female goes through her 2nd or 3rd heat cycle and when the male is at least 2 years old.


Answer by  meghpie (48)

Labrador dams should be between two and five years old before they are bred, to ensure their health and the health of their puppies.


Answer by  kmalyn (96)

Don't think that just because your animal is in heat that it is time to breed her. You want to make sure your Lab is fully grown so as not to cause any undue stress or trauma on your animal. Typically Labs reach their full growth when they are three years old.

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