Question by  consti20 (13)

What does a water moccasin look like?


Answer by  SallyManda (308)

Water moccasins are identified by their triangular heads, pits between their eyes and nostrils, and vertical cat-like pupils. Cottonmouths can vary in coloration anywhere from copper to black, and may have a banding pattern. They commonly have a black mask through their eyes and a white mouth.


Answer by  PaintedRoadkill (504)

These snakes are a dull black in color with smooth scales. Their most distinctive characteristic is that the inside of their mouth is white giving them the other name of "Cotton Mouth". They are also quite long and thick looking.


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

They are a brown and black with fairly large scales. They have a cream or tan colored belly. There are many water snakes that look similar to them so at times they are difficult to identify. One key to identify them is by their head. It will be triangular in shape and appear larger due to the fangs.


Answer by  phoenixkitty (11)

A water moccasin tends to be very thick. They are rarely over 30 inches but tend to look larger because of thickness. They tend to be brown and never bright colored. Also, they will almost float on water.


Answer by  sherwin (31)

it is a venomous snake a water moccasin looks like a snake there are variants of it such as the swamp moccasin and black moccasin also cottonmouth grapper or simply viper

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