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Question by  pete98 (12)

Do you weigh more during your period?

How does the menstruation affect weight?


Answer by  nht (42)

It is very common to have weight fluctuations during womens monthly cycles. Right before the period begins, a women will be at her heaviest point because throughout the month, the uterine lining thickens and becomes engorged with blood. It is also common to have swelling. The period will shed the lining, and then she will be lighter again.


Answer by  vvvvvvvv (140)

You may become bloated during your period, making your weight be higher than normal. You tend to crave snacks and unhealthy foods more during your period as well.


Answer by  Anonymous

it is normal to weigh more during your period, due to the sweets cravings and lack of wanting to even more or be active. Also it is mainly liquid gained weight and dissapears after your cycle, so no need to worry, when it ends, back to normal: )


Answer by  Jan (166)

Many women do weight slightly more during their period because of their tendency to retain more fluid during that time. Making sure you drink plenty of water actually helps prevent the bloating, puffiness, and weight gain. Most often the water weight gain also disappears as soon as your period is over.


Answer by  iggylizard (352)

Yes, you do tend to weigh a little more during your period due to bloating and water retention. The weight difference is seldom more than a couple pounds.


Answer by  angiem1981 (1059)

While this depends on the individual, most weight gain is from water and occurs a few days before you start your period. During this time, your body will typically retain more water.


Answer by  Anonymous

I am normally most overweight after my period, due to all of the cravings i gave into whilst being on my period!

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