Question by  NPCUSER (9)

What coin shows are the best for finding 1921 coins for sale?


Answer by  case (1261)

This will primarily do with you location and how far you want to travel. I suggest that you research the 1921 coins you want before going to shows. This will give you the knowledge and help you from getting ripped off. If you are wanting to invest a large amount I recommend only dealing with vendors with a high reputation.


Answer by  RM49 (274)

It really depends on where you live and what coins you want. Most 1921 coins are pretty common, with the exception of the 1921 Peace dollar, which is one of the key dates for the series. You could try an online auction site or go to a local flea market or auction.


Answer by  Ultimate (399)

In my general experience 1921 coins can be often found at coin related antique shows, the larger events having a greater variety of coins to choose from, In regards to 1921 coins in general you should be sure to check that the theme of the coin show is within the age of 1900s onwards.

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