Question by  Ken31 (54)

How do you remove skunk smell?

My dog brought the smell into the house.


Answer by  DraftEm (244)

To remove skunk smell you are going to wash anything that your dog came in contact with multiple times. After that, you will need to spray your furniture with febreeze and plug in an air freshener.


Answer by  amyers (47)

The best thing I have found to work is the old-fashioned tomato juice bath. My dog has gotten sprayed twice and it worked both times.


Answer by  Twstedtheory22 (5)

The best way is to remove the dog from the house and to wash him with Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and some liquid dish soap.


Answer by  sailoryue (853)

give it a bath in tomato juice. straight V8 should help take care of it on the dog. as for your house, open all the windows and turn on fans

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