Question by  Slam (22)

How do you get rid of a skunk smell in the house?

The skunk was only in the house a few seconds.


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

The best home remedy I know is tomato juice. Skunk odor will soak into rugs, curtains, etc. You may try something like fabreeze on the delicate materials and then try the tomato juice on areas where it will not stain. I would also suggest airing your home out, open windows doors etc. The odor should disipate in a few days.


Answer by  ginjenn (55)

You can try using coffee grinds, air fresheners, baking soda, or even some incense. Another thing about skunk spray is you can sprinkle baking soda on top of the area, leave it for a while, and let it absorb the scent before vacuuming it up.


Answer by  lucyb00 (157)

Your best bet is to open all windows and get rid of anything in the house the skunk sprayed on.


Answer by  lisarieza (23)

it is better to buy and make a frequent spray of air freshener. I recommend lemon fresh flavor when you buy any brand of air freshener. Clean the house often.

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