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Question by  4lizzieb (120)

Why did U2 name that album Joshua Tree?


Answer by  whitekeys (112)

I learned, I think from my high school english teacher, that the album is all about the band's exploration of the idea of the american dream. The joshua tree grows in the deserts of southern california and became to them a symbol of american culture: strong, independent, hard working, etc.


Answer by  Guveneur (18)

Joshua Tree by U2 is a tribute to America. The tree got its name because it reminded the Mormons of Joshua praying to God to stop the Sun. It is a statement of America's might in the world. The tree in the album is located in Death Valley, Ca.


Answer by  janenecf (23)

It represents soul and why they did it. It represents the influence that the natural life has had on their life through all the pain and suffering they have faced. This is the meaning of Joshua Tree, the meaning of life.

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