Question by  psykick (17)

Who makes the Epiphone Sheraton?

I hear good things about it but want to make sure it is a reputable manufacturer.


Answer by  SteveO82 (109)

The Epiphone Sheraton is made by Gibson. Epiphone was once independent but was purchased by Gibson and marketed as their economically priced brand. A similar guitar branded as Gibson will cost several thousand dollars. Gibson owns many familiar musical instrument brand, such as Gibson Guitars, Baldwin Pianos, Wurlitzer, Dobro, Slingerland, and Echoplex.


Answer by  KyWaterproofer (31)

Epiphone should be the manufacturer. I have had many guitar stores tell me that Epiphone has been outsourcing production to Cort mfg. Either way it wont be a bad guitar.

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