Question by  bam891 (24)

Who has the worlds largest collection of one thing?

It could be anything.


Answer by  Advisor (1032)

According to Saxonia's World Records, Ing. Arnulf Bietsch of Germany has the largest collection of yard-sticks. At last count in August, 2009, there were over 30,000 in his collection! They come from various political campaigns, corporate advertisements and private employers, contractors and home improvement stores. Each is unique with history and there are no duplicates!


Answer by  Sarah80 (9)

In Germany you can find the largest collection of penguins. While not native, this flight-less bird has found a home in the heart of Ms. Birgit Berends. She now has over 5000 different penguin items. She started her collection in 1990. Her most favorite is Alfred, her adopted real life penguin.


Answer by  Kar (111)

This is really dependent on what item? I found Forbes had the largest toy soldier collection. Wendy Suen has the worldest largest snow globe collection at 1888. This is actually really interesting given what people will collect anything from records, cars, typewriters all kinds of different items. Guinness books can give you an accurate reading on anything.


Answer by  shbi5355aolcom (16)

The man who has the largest penguin collection is Birgit Berends of Germany. She collected over 5,500 different items since 1990. It was recorded in the guinness book of world records in 2008. She started it after watching her favorite video of penguins when she was 18 years old.


Answer by  AJenik (32)

Angelika Unverhau from Dinslaken (Germany) decided to take her pen collecting seriously in 1990 and has now accumulated over 220,000 "UNIQUE" ball point pens from over 140 different countries. As of yet, no one individual has been able to surpass the number she has received for her amazing collection.

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