Question by  vimalmay15 (122)

Which is better the Gemeinhardt 22SP or the Gemeinhardt 2SP?

I will be starting flute lessons soon.


Answer by  kayers (281)

These 2 flutes are almost exactly the same product. The 22SP is a newer version of the 2SP. They are both good flutes, and are great for beginners. You are more likely to find a 2SP in a used instrument store or used online, so it is likely you can find a better price on a 2SP.


Answer by  worker1744 (141)

The 22SP is a newer version of the 2SP. These flutes are quite comparable. I suggest for someone just starting out to find either of these in good used condition. Gives you a chance to see if it is somthing you will stick with, for less money. Both are good.


Answer by  elb (1105)

These are very similar models of flute; the 2SP is a newer version and benefits from some newer technology in manufacture. Both are solid flutes; if the prices are similar, the 22SP is probably going to be a somewhat better instrument. Good luck with the flute lessons!


Answer by  MechaTech (192)

One instrument isn't better than another per say. They each serve different purposes, whether it's a crisper tone, or just an easier instrument to master in general, it's a-matter-o' opinion.


Answer by  dotfret (282)

The 22SP is an improved 2SP design. There were 22SP quality issues, now fixed. 22SP is better design. Old 22SP and recent 22SP are good, 2SP is well built (reliable).


Answer by  Anonymous

The nickel plated models have NP instead of SP. SP is silver plating.


Answer by  Anonymous

Everyone here seems to know what they're talking about, but all the other descripters I find on the internet say the 22SP is silver plated while the 2SP is nickel plated. So I'm confused.

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