Question by  webguy (117)

Where do I send a birth certificate request?

I live in Illinois.


Answer by  Brenda38 (34)

To obtain a birth certificate in the state of Illinois, the most convenient method would be to use the on-line order form and fax system available. This option requires you to complete the Order Form and provide copies of identifying information. Preferably, a copy of your driver's license is required.


Answer by  palaeologus (564)

If you were born in Illinois, you can mail, fax (217-523-2648), or make a request online to the Illinois Department of Public Health's Vital Records Office, or apply in person at 925 East Ridgely Ave., Springfield. It costs $15. If you were born in another state, try that state's analogue.


Answer by  patti (29325)

You must go online to download the application. Send it with a check/money order (no cash)to: Illinois Department of Public Health Division of Vital Records 925 East Ridgely Ave. Springfield, IL 62702-2737 Include a legible copy of your valid photo identification. Otherwise, you request will not be processed.

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