Question by  andy4us (75)

What's the difference between an ipod and a mp3 player?

I have never understood the difference.


Answer by  user71 (796)

They are both mp3 players, both are portable and both require the use of headsets or a "dock". It's just that ipod is a brand name for the Apple product.


Answer by  lynn (821)

an ipod is a brand name. it is made by the makers of the macintosh or apple computer. mp3 is a generic name that incorporates in sort of device that plays mp3's.


Answer by  tnnair (186)

MP3 is a storage device used to play in computers and radio etc. Ipod is also a kind of MP3 but it is costly and it's specification and design is entirely different. It has many features in using computer and in mobile phones as headphones. Music device can be changed by ipod.


Answer by  LaraTanciya (146)

Ipod is a small portable music player, which can be transfer songs to their ipod with their computer. Mp3 player is a consumer electronic device which has the primary function of storing songs... all music's can store in one place...... nowadays many peoples are using both of it equally and enjoying....


Answer by  alz (2329)

An Ipod is an example of an mp3 player. An mp3 player plays music downloaded from the Internet (in mp3 format) so it allows you to listen to it when you're not at the computer. Ipod is the Apple product under the category mp3 player.


Answer by  hibpmgirl (2166)

THere really is no difference. An iPod is an mp3 player. iPod is a brand name for an mp3 player. There are other mp3 players out there that work the same a an iPod but are cheaper.

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