Question by  kokila67 (5)

What Ty Beanie Babies are considered rare?

I have a huge collection I need to pare down.


Answer by  Joe80 (866)

Some of the rarest Beanie Babies are the ones that came with a Macdonald's happy meal. There was, if I recall correctly, a tiger, a bear, and a panda.


Answer by  Bob8478 (1040)

The Ty Beanie Babies generally considered and accepted as rare are the nine original beanies. These consist of Cubbie, Chocolate, Flash, Legs, Patti, Pinchers, Squealer, Spot, and Splash. These are all collectable in that they comprise the 9 original beanies. They are sought after in mint condition with the tags still intact.


Answer by  Rui69 (36)

Some Beanie Babies are rare because some of them were made by mistake like a dark blue version of Peanut the Elephant. Other stuffed animals in the same category are very hard to across and that makes them rare.


Answer by  Aumin (276)

One of the most rare beanie is Inky the Grey Octopus selling close to $199. A few other rare beanies are: Liberty the bear ($90), and Cubbie the bear ($100+).


Answer by  Sweething852002 (0)

I have one that is ultra rare to the point it took many years to even find a name for her. She is a large black panther named patti. She was born 1989 and was recalled in 1990. I had her for at least 20 years wondering about her name.

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