Question by  Jacob (21)

What tips can you give me for painting the concrete block in my basement?


Answer by  Homepro6885 (192)

If your block have not been painted before I would put Dryloc on them first it is very good stuff if you get in in all the pits it will keep your block from licking. After you dryloc it you can put any type of paint on it. Dryloc can also be tinted you can buy it at lowes.


Answer by  kdem (551)

Use something that is water proof. We used Kilz for basements in out basement. It sealed all odor and turned out pretty nice. We had had a lot of water damage and now you can not even tell. This paint also seals tiny holes that may let water in. We used white and got it at Lowe's.


Answer by  ginevra46 (237)

Choose a high quality paint expressly for basement walls. This will help with waterproofing issues. Fill any holes or cracks with hydraulic cement patch. Make sure the walls are clean and dry. If the walls are chalky,you will need to apply a sealer before you paint. Apply paint as you would in any other area of oyur home.


Answer by  slkunz2003yahoocom (836)

You will most likely want to seal the blocks first, especially if they are prone to weeping in wet weather. Then use a very shaggy roller or large brush, and apply a concrete paint in a heavy coat.


Answer by  SandyG (807)

First, wash the concrete block to remove all dust. Use a good quality water-based primer and a roller. Use a brush to fill in between the blocks. Then use a latex paint. You may need 2 coats to make it look good.

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