Question by  gsensel (19)

What structure should I use when composing rock piano music?


Answer by  wilsonace (129)

The most common structure is a I-IV-V blue chord progression,in a twelve bar blues pattern. Example=in the key of C major-C major,F major,G major.


Answer by  musicman (31)

You should have an intro of 4 to 8 bars. Then use a pseudo A B A form, ie. verse, verse, chorus, then verse, verse, chorus structure adding a "hook" section of about 8 bars followed by a final play of the chorus. This is a general outline for rock song compositional structure. There are some acceptable variations.


Answer by  Lily16 (73)

Two verses, bridge, chorus, verse and out. Chords typically consist of, 3 chords per structure. Bridge 2 chords and a typical formation would be E,A,B7 and bridge A7.

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