Question by  sharon52 (195)

What needs to be in a letter to the court concerning a divorce when a child is involved?

I need to write a letter concerning my child.


Answer by  LadyLawyer (325)

You cannot write a letter to the court as that would be an ex parte communication. Anything concerning the child and any special needs that the child might have should be put in the form of a pleading.


Answer by  janedoe (701)

You shouldn't be writing "letters" to the court. You may write a declaration to submit with your motion for child custody/support. It should be on the "best interests of the child." Keep it focused on the child and explain the custody/support arrangement that will be in the child's best interest.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

You need to indicate in the letter what you desire for custody for the child, child support and who is responsible for insurance, education, religion and the well being of the child. It is very important that you spell out your wishes and do not leave anything out when it comes to the child.

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