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Question by  Sender4949 (16)

What is the value of an 1879 Morgan Dollar?


Answer by  Att4372 (1704)

Melt value is $17. In collector condition, probably around $50. Certified and graded (ANACS or PCGS) are $100 plus. CC mint mark (Carson City) is the scarce one.


Answer by  businesswoman (20)

The 1879 Morgan dollar is a silver coin minted in the United States. It's market value depends on condition, mint's mark and coin's grade. The eBay auctions and stores are showing an asking price range of $12 to $227 for 1879 Morgan dollars. A coin in good condition with a grade of Very Fine is priced at $227.


Answer by  Shankalot (484)

The value of an 1879 Morgan silver dollar can vary from widly depending on its condition. It contains a great deal of silver so generally speaking it would be in the $20 range, but perfect ones much more.

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