Question by  agapenurse (30)

What is the value of a Browning Sweet Sixteen with an improved cylinder?


Answer by  TMyers (1084)

Since the Browning Sweet Sixteen was produced between a wide variety of years, it is difficult to determine the value without knowing what year yours was made. The ones made before 1950 are worth between $300 and $700, the ones made between 1951 and 1976 range from $750 to $900 and the newest ones can be up to $1500.


Answer by  2gunslim (83)

Depending on condition and the year of production a Sweet Sixteen can be worth from $200.00 to several thousand dollars. I would take it to a qualified gunsmith for an appraisal keeping in mind that an unscrupulous dealer will offer you much less than its truly worth.


Answer by  mb (5482)

It would be worth more without the improved cylinder... original materials are best for antiques. At least $300 is my guess (assuming good condition, more for mint).


Answer by  StarOne (941)

Unfortunately anything done to improve your Browning Sweet Sixteen will probably lessen its value. Anything that has been improved is no longer in its original condition which devalues it somewhat. For an exact price try going to a gun show or searching inline gun forums. Most of these type of guns run from 1500 to 2500 in price.

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