Question by  mohammedimran (33)

What is the value of a 1907 half-dollar?


Answer by  AndrewInVegas (13)

A 1907 half dollar is valued between $21.00 to $750.00 depending on mint O or D or plain. Also condition uncirculated or mint is prized bringing even possibly more.


Answer by  Stotto68 (55)

Low grade coins run from 12 dollars to around 40 dollars. Mid grades should be 80 to 150 dollars. Uncirculated examples are 350 to 900 dollars. 1907 proof coins are about 1200 dollars. Recent silver bullion value is around 12.25.


Answer by  beefcakejake (110)

If you mean the item, they sell for about fourteen dollars on online auction sites. You may be able to get a different price from local coin dealers. If you mean what is fifty 1907 cents adjusted to today's dollar equivalent, that amounts to about nine hundred fifty dollars!

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