Question by  kathryn26 (96)

What is the normal heart rate for a chihuahua?

I want to make sure my chihuahua is healthy.


Answer by  smithjen1498 (192)

An average heart rate is pretty high it would be around 140. If the dog is calm and resting it could be as low as 115. If the dog is excited and playing the heart rate could be as high as 160. Also it depends on the age, puppies seem to have a higher heart rate than adults.


Answer by  Teacherspet (111)

The average heart rate for a chihuahua is about one hundred forty beat per minute. At rest, the chihuahua's heart rate may dip as low as one hundred fifteen beats per minute, and when the dog is excited or distressed, it may reach up to one hundred sixty beats per minute.


Answer by  xomoney (104)

Chihuahua are little dogs and tend to have a fst beating heart. average heart rate for an chihuahua is normally somewhere ranging from 100-200 bpm. Although a Chihuahua is a very small dog, 1 to 6 pounds generally, you won't be able to convince him! The Chihuahua has the canine instinct to protect and guard its owners.


Answer by  Tom57 (113)

The average heart rate of a chihuahua is about one hundred and forty beats per minute. They can be as low as 115 beats per minute or as high as 160 beats per minute.


Answer by  wpierre (70)

The smaller the dog the faster the heart rate. The normal heart is 140 which is average and 115 is normal.

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