Question by  Ashik (10)

What is the name of the Olympic theme song?


Answer by  Amy11 (67)

The popular and easily-recognized tune of the Olympic theme song, also known by its official title "Summon the Heroes," was written by the composer John Williams. It was first performed on an Olympic stage during the 1964 Olympic games, and it has been played at every opening ceremony since then.


Answer by  jewlie (105)

The Olympic theme for the 2008 Beijing Olympics is called "Jasmine Flower" by John Williams. It's sometimes called "Burgler's Dream". His goal for composing the piece was to "create harmony through instrumentation".


Answer by  kiradeleria (465)

The Olympic Anthem is actually called Cantata by Costis Palamas, which is the original Olympic anthem, but there is also a theme song by John Williams called Summon the Heroes which is usually played during commercial breaks, comes back from a commercial, or is airing an olympics commercial where the theme song is used to announce the commercial's sponsor.

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