Question by  Nasan (16)

What is the name of the instrument that you blow into with a keyboard?


Answer by  mygalval (31)

This instrument is called a Melodica. Hohner manufactures this instrument and can be purchased at various music stores. A 32 or 36 key is available as is an alto version.


Answer by  crabfoot (253)

The Hohner Melodica. There is also an old instrument from the 20s/30s called a Goofus. The keyboard lays on a table and you blow through a rubber tube.


Answer by  DesertRat (699)

It's called a melodica. They come in various sizes, from soprano to alto to tenor to bass. There's also a melodina, which has buttons like an accordion instead of keys like a piano. They were invented by Hohner in the 1950s, but remain after half a century just a novelty instrument.

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