Question by  pbker11 (39)

What is the ipod recommended import format?

I need to do some downloading.


Answer by  Xavier (25)

Ipods work with most popular audio formats. The. m4a file format, which encloses an audio file compressed with AAC (advanced audio codec), is the default format for iTunes, Apple's online store. But. mp3 files, which are widely available from a variety of sources, work equally well. . m4a files usually have DRM restrictions.


Answer by  DavidKol (36)

MP3 is the most widely used audio standard, and also the most compatible with any program/ device. By default Itunes is set to import using AAC format.


Answer by  Hurriicane22 (44)

Mp3 file format works very well with the iPods. It is a commonly used format that most people know about.


Answer by  BigPoppa (6)

The recommended import format is 320 kilo bytes per second. The abbreviation for this is KBPS. The higher the KBPS the better the quality of the import. 320kbps is the highest you could import. I would not go lower than 192kbps. One disadvantage is that the higher the import more memory is required.


Answer by  daddydaycare (46)

AAC format, make that your first priority. AAC is the format that was created for the ipod and itunes device and software. But WMA and WMV formats also work with ipod.


Answer by  looneylopez (22)

Most Ipod Formats is mp4 and it must be converted before you can proceed to put it on your ipod. You can goggle free mp4 converter download.

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