Question by  anshbinod646 (8)

What is the history of bluegrass music?

I need some basic information on bluegrass music.


Answer by  timeismoney (994)

Bluegrass music is an outgrowth of Southern Appalachian folk music. Bill Monroe is the father of this genre which is characterized by "high lonesome" vocals and string instruments.


Answer by  ghidorah (172)

Bluegrass music started way back in the 1940s during the world war. Most experts agree that the founding father of Bluegrass music is Bill Monroe. The term "Bluegrass" originated from Bill's band, "Blue Grass Boys".


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

Bluegrass was "invented" by Bill Monroe when he called his band Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys. Kentucky, where they were from, is the Bluegrass state.

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