Question by  mamaspeak (141)

What is the high score for Windows pinball?

I love pinball.


Answer by  Tredy22 (186)

I have played Windows pinball for a countless number of times and lots of my work hours have been dedicated to this simple, but great game. I never managed to pass over a high score of 5 million points but I saw different statistics that showed scores around 100 million points. Were they real or not, doesn't even matter.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

Well there are a lot of hacks our there which can help you to edit your score so you cant really believe anyone telling you his score on pinball. As he might have cheated, but as far as i know it is around 8,000,000! So best of luck with pinball.


Answer by  Macuk (30)

Windows pinball, I love it too. Such an interesting game. Well the high score of a Windows pinball is usually the highest logged point value. Many times a game will have a list of several high scores, called the high score table. If you make a better score than your opponent you beat him.

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