Question by  Rachel27 (27)

What is the difference between Reggae and Ska?


Answer by  jy (12)

Ska was Jamaicas first popular music. It was developed by early musicians the likes of Ernest Ranglin,Jah Jerry and the band the Skatalites. It later developed into Rocksteady then later Reggae.


Answer by  jwms (18)

Ska came into being before Reggae and is usually played at a faster temp. Ska rhythms accent the up-beat and Reggae rhythms accent the off-beat.


Answer by  princess (115)

well the difference is that ska its a bit faster then reggae and they use alot of brass instruments is like combined elements of the caribbean and with calypso with american jazz and rnb. and reggae is like jamaican music it is much slower than ska. so thats the difference with the two

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