weight loss


Question by  omackee (15)

What is the best way to reduce your waistline?


Answer by  TD (30)

To summarize, eat right, eat less, and exercise. That's all there is to it. Start replacing unhealthy foods in your diet with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and you'll see your waistline begin to shrink. To further accelerate this weight loss, start doing lots of cardio (such as running, biking, etc.).


Answer by  macman (249)

Your going to have to start by reducing your daily caloric intake and exercising, this will help you lose some of the excess skin that tends to accumulate around the waistline. Also doing abdominal exercises will help to tone up the waistline area


Answer by  jimcro55 (813)

The best way to do this is to eat right. With the combination of maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly, you will lose weight easily and most importantly, you will be losing weight the healthy way.


Answer by  jen54 (30)

The best way to reduce a waistline is a good, low-calorie, low-fat diet with lots of vegetables, lean meats and whole grains. Exercise, drink plenty of water and treat your body with care. Get good sleep, refrain from alcohol, eat goodies and sweets in moderation. Move around, walk, be active.


Answer by  jaime24 (744)

The best way to reduce your waisteline is through sit ups. Grapefruiit works well for stomach fat. You could also try the cabbage soup diet. Tuna burns water weight if you are bloated.

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