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Question by  naturalmom (211)

What is the best way to loose belly fat?


Answer by  YourMoneyAnswerGal (654)

Eat fruits and vegetables and other foods rich in fiber. Avoid red meat and eat lean chicken, fish, tofu, nuts and eggs instead. Avoid white flour and sugar.


Answer by  kakoe (989)

Unfortunately, there is no way to target your belly fat for weight loss. In order to lose belly fat you therefore have to do a standard weight loss regimen, incorporating cardio and strength training. You can do crunches as well to tighten, but crunches alone will not help the problem.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

First stop eating fatty food. Then cut out bread and pasta. Instead, use whole wheat, or grain breads and pasta. They taste great. Give youself a week, then start a excersing routine for that area. You will need to do this everyday. But don't go crazy.


Answer by  SubhashChander (1773)

The best way of loose belly fat is by the exercising of Yoga with your abdomen on the down and also by reducing the intake of fats because they are stored in the belly first.


Answer by  DesertRat (699)

Unfortunately, belly fat does not come loose. It remains attached to you, unless you either reduce your caloric intake or increase the number of calories you burn each day. That's all in the world it ever takes - in order to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you take in.

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