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Question by  spit (45)

What is the appropriate age for an MX3 Mini-Bike?

My son is three and he wants one because his cousin has one.


Answer by  okcmouseketeer (779)

This bike lists an age range of 5-9 as the target range. There are many factors to decide if your child is old enough, not just in msucle and motor control, but developmentally. Another thing to note is that we have recieve two product recalls for this bike. One for batteries and one for the motor.


Answer by  Bearseph (66)

I would say wait a few years for your son to be about seven or eight years old. That will give him greater benefits in balance, coordination, and making the right decisions. It will also give him more of a chance on learning how to ride things such as a normal bicycle.


Answer by  bettylou (69)

The MX3 Mini-Bike was designed for children ages six or older. A rider must be able to handle the power of the bike and hold the weight of the bike up when it leans over. The time it will take your child to learn to ride depends on their coordination and the amount of time they practice.


Answer by  pancake (30)

I'm sorry, just because his cousin has one is not a valid reason for your son to have one. Your job is to keep your child safe, and a three year old does not have the coordination, balance and judgement to be on a mini-bike--just ask any emergency room nurse!


Answer by  maryanita (156)

Your child should definitely be six before purchasing an MX3 Mini-Bike. He should be average to large size for his age and should use appropriate safety equipment. Watch your child when he is using this bike! Make sure that the bike is in good repair. Most important, know your child as suggested ages are just that - suggestions.

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