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Question by  juicestain (29)

What is some advice you can give me for bass fishing?

What should I use as bait?


Answer by  swampy02 (145)

In the summer bass will hit surface lures. Throughout the year they will hit plastic worm rigs, shiners, spinner baits, and crank baits. If you are fishing in cover, run a surface lure over the top and if there are no hits, run a crank bait around it.


Answer by  icanoutfishyou (1148)

By far the best bait to use for bass is live shiners. Check local laws, but the best hook to use in combo is a treble hook; no way you're going to miss the fish. For artificial bait, use soft plastics; they are cheap and will catch you more bass than almost any lure in varying conditions.

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