Question by  Mark97 (4)

What is reggaeton music?

Is it the same as reggae?


Answer by  Feasel (1766)

reggaeton is a mix between Hispanic rap and hispanic beats to dance to. Its much more danceable than english rap.


Answer by  Anonymous

Actually reggaeton is a mix between, rap, hip hop, and comercial spanish rap (they say it also has reggae but thats a lie) I can tell you it sucks, its the worst music you ever heard (Its form puerto rico) I live in chile and this "music" sucks


Answer by  hugoballin (72)

It is a style of music that originated in the carribean islands. They use distinct music instruments that include steel drums.


Answer by  Anonymous

It only talks about sexual stuff, and always has the same ritm; they try to speak english but they just cant. Real music fans always try to make reggaeton fans understand and they are so stupid they say rock and metal are only screams and nonsense, sadly i live here

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