Question by  Anonymous

What is Perlane?


Answer by  ratnam (150)

Perlane is an injectable cosmetic dermal filler made from hyaluronic acid that has been used to soften wrinkles and facial folds.


Answer by  Binome (1975)

Perlane is an injectable cosmetic filler, much like collagen, Hylaform, or Restylane. It is used to make lips fuller or smooth out lyrics. It can also be used to treat osteoarthritis.


Answer by  rain7420 (152)

Perlane is a non-animal form of hyaluronic acid. It is used as an injectable filler to smooth fine facial lines or wrinkles and fill facial depressions.


Answer by  secondbanana (289)

Perlane is an injectable gel that people use to not only augment lip size, but also to fill in fine facial lines and wrinkles. It is available by prescription only and is administered under a physician's supervision.


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

It is a product made from hyaluronic acid, which is injected under the skin as a filler which visibly reduces facial folds, wrinkles and facial scarring. It is also used as a filler for lip augmentation. Hyaluronic acid is a natural product of the human body. The effects of injections can last from six months to a year.


Answer by  Annie59 (101)

I think perlane is a type of cosmetic surgery filler to make someone look younger. It's a brand of cosmetic surgery, just like Botox I think, but I can be wrong. It could be a type of chocolate for all i know, or perhaps a flavor of ice cream.

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