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Question by  llisatakb (30)

What is considered to be a kennell cough?

My doctor asked if my child had a kennell type cough, can you explain what this is?


Answer by  salina (943)

A Kennel cough is usually associated with puppies or adult dogs. In reference to your doctors question it would be considered a "barking" cough or even considered a dry cough.


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

It's a respiratory infection in dogs that creates a bad hacking, honking cough that comes in fits, so severe at times that it is as if stomach contents will be vomited up or actually are vomited up.


Answer by  Lee (42)

Your doctor is referring to a dog's kennel cough or a child's croupy cough which sounds dry and deep and often sounds like the person is choking.


Answer by  perumal (4)

Other name of Kennel cough is tracheobronchitis. It is a canine illness at respiratory system. It is so named because, as it spread more closer to kennel.

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