Question by  Kate11 (37)

What is a buffalo nickel?


Answer by  PHOAT (645)

Buffalo nickels first came out almost 100 years ago. They are a nickel that has a buffalo on it, the are still worth 5 cents.


Answer by  Vogin (108)

It was a 5 cent coin, predecessor of the Jefferson nickel. You could find it in the period of 1913-1938. Its name comes from the fact there is an animal displayed on the reverse of the coin. Another nickname is a bison nickel. It was designed by sculptor James Earle Fraser.


Answer by  Answers (106)

The buffalo nickel is a 5 cent coin that was minted in the United States from 1913 until 1938. It featured an Indian head on one side and a buffalo on the other.


Answer by  jamiew (61)

A buffalo nickel is a nickel that has an Indian head on it. It is made of copper. These nickels were produced in the early 1900's.


Answer by  kalip (355)

A buffalo nickel was the nickel that was minted in the early 1900s (1920 or so). It had a buffalo on the back, and that's how it got the name.

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