Question by  queen (17)

What does it cost to do a load of laundry?

My friend want to pay me to do her laundry at my house and I want to tell her a fair price.


Answer by  queenofpogo (35)

If you use a laundromat where the washing machines are $3. 75 each, it would cost you around $4. 50 to wash and dry one load of clothes.


Answer by  navywriter (790)

To get an accurate cost, figure out how much water, electricity or gas it takes to do a load,and how much this figures into your own costs for this.


Answer by  step (309)

Well, where I do my laundry it is $1. 5 per wash and $1. 5 per dry. Your detergent and bleach add on another $1. 5. You are folding? This would be another $1. 5. I say 5-6 deollars a load would be fair.

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