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Question by  Anonymous

What do you think of Sarah Palin?

Especially the good stuff--I want to know what people like about her.


Answer by  GeekBoy (146)

I personally believe she is not qualified or seasoned enough to run for a federal office. After what transpired during her days with McCain, I think her raw personal ambition got the best of her and showed her inexperience and lack of intellectual curiosity.


Answer by  notso (84)

She was all family values and very little substance. She had a stunning lack of knowledge for someone at her level. McCain did her and his party a disservice no matter how sexy it looked to people as a marketing move and how much press and popularity she got.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

When McCain nominated Palin, I thought he had made a brilliant move because he prevented the race from becoming 'progressive vs. old white guys.' But I thought of all the Republican women, he could have found someone with more experience than Palin. The Republicans have historically put unintelligent people in the VP seat--Dan Quayle is the obvious example.

Reply by dores (1):
what makes you think Dan Quale is unintelligent? Did you do research or did you hear that from the media?  add a comment

Answer by  patsy (37)

I do not like her however I must admire her bravado. She is also comes off as determined. She will not admit defeat despite impossible odds. She has good taste in eye glasses. She is tenacious. She has good presentation skills. People relate to her.


Answer by  kat43netzerocom (52)

I thought that she was vivacious, bright, intelligent, and well poised. I liked that she presented herself as a mother and wife and did not mind showing what a family centered person she is. I think she will be a good role-model.

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