Question by  lul (25)

What do you do with used cooking oil?

i don't think it is good to pour it down the sink.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Either to a recycling place or to a restaurant with an oil barrel. A lot of people are using oil for making bio diesel so look online for people that want old oil. Some might even pick it up if it is a large amount.


Answer by  MuthuMeenakshiSundaram (23)

We can reuse the cooking oil depending on the condition of oil. we can reuse the oil which is used for making breakfast especially south indian foods, that we can reuse it and it won't harm our health also.


Answer by  crabfoot (253)

I agree that pouring it down the sink is a bad idea. I save all mine in an old oil container, then use it as a combustion aid when burning off garden rubbish, but this is not an ideal answer. Used oil can be used as alternative fuel in diesel engines. Ask around, you might find a local collection point.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

NEVER pour grease down the sink. Since household sinks don't have grease traps it can clog your drains after time. You can pour it outside in an area where people don't walk or you can put it an old container and toss it in the trash.

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