Question by  twinsline (41)

What do I need to know before studying a trumpet mouthpiece comparison chart?

I am just starting the trumpet.


Answer by  lwat80 (300)

You should probably find a catalog or visit a local music store and find out the statistics on what other trumpet players are using before studying a chart, especially if you are joining a high school band or a local band. Study your instrument, and factor cost.


Answer by  ina (18)

I suppose to be able to compare trumpet mouthpieces one should know the function of the mouthpiece and how differences in mouthpieces effect the playing and sound of the instrument.


Answer by  nursepractitionerlisa (793)

You want to know what type of trumpet you have and what type of sound it produces - mellow, or brassy or crisp. you also want to know what feels comfortable on your lips.

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