Question by  jordandevers (318)

What coins were minted with JFK's image?


Answer by  HSmith (45)

The Kennedy silver half dollar minted in 1964.this coin it is 90% silver and was only minted in 1964. There is some Kennedy half dollars that are gold plated, Hologram, selectively plated, or colorized. There are also many that aren't legal tender including medals and anniversary coins. Also every president has a coin commemorating their presidency.


Answer by  hightide (131)

The only coin with JFK's image is the not very widely circulated half dollar (fifty cents) coins. They first came into circulation in 1964, right after the assassination of JFK.


Answer by  Joe80 (866)

The only coin I know that has the image of the late President John F. Kennedy is the Half Dollar, or 50 cent coin.


Answer by  sayetto (18)

The coins minted wih JFK's image were the Kennedy Half Dollar. This coin is worth fifty cents and is larger than a quarter.

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