Question by  TeacherSarah (34)

What causes bladder leakage?

It is embarrassing.


Answer by  hazelfaern (36)

Bladder leakage may be caused by weak or sagging pelvic muscles, a condition which is often the result of pregnancy or childbirth. Another cause may be nerve damage from Parkinson's, diabetes or stroke. Additionally, bladder leakage may be the result of prescription drugs, alcohol, caffeine or even excess body weight, all of which place extra strain on the bladder.


Answer by  hillb1 (23)

Most commonly, a weak pelvic floor is to blame(the group of muscles that connect your abs to your back in the pelvic region). Tighten the muscles you would normally tighten to prevent yourself from urinating. Do this often and you will tone right up, and no more leaking(we hope. ).


Answer by  PietHeemskerk (133)

The most common cause is the weakening of the sphincter muscle, which means it can't properly close the urinary tract anymore.


Answer by  Lieve (19)

The leakage is mostly caused by weak muscles in the bladder area. Try some exercises to strength your muscles. i. e to sit down and pretend like you hold your pee.

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