Question by  jagannath16 (2)

What can you tell me about the Creative MP3 player?

I would like to learn more about MP3 players.


Answer by  nicolette (33)

The Creative MP3 player blends stylish design with functionality and ease of use. They are very popular for those that want to enjoy their music on the go with little hassle.


Answer by  judiiana (10)

Well, the "Creative MP3 player" includes videos, playlists, music of your choice, time, background settings, it's own earplugs and pictures. It may also have, depending on the model, internal speakers.


Answer by  ScottM (86)

Creative used to be a big name in MP3 players, until the iPod was released. The first player they released was the NOMAD, which touted a whopping 64MB of storage.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well there are tons of reviews and user information available online. Anything but Ipod's forums are filled with information about Creatives various players and cNet has plenty of reviews on them. Creative own website also has some helpful information.


Answer by  NickSharpisaBitch (103)

It has some awesome features and is available in three memory sizes. You can also put movies and photos on it and get the radio.

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