Question by  sarah39 (91)

What can you tell me about considerations to make prior to buying a vintage tuba?

I would like to purchase a vintage tuba.


Answer by  DukeTuba (23)

I would first obtain information on the condition of all lead pipes. If these are dented the instrument might not play in tune and may require additional work from a qualified technician. Also, I would ask the exact model of the instrument and would do some of my own research to ascertain whether the asking price is reasonable or not.


Answer by  KFreesen (97)

Vintage instruments can be a great deal because of the quality of workmanship. There are many different kinds of tubas and or sousaphones so make sure you are getting one in the correct key for your use. For example old bands used a lot of tubas in Eb, but most music today calls for tubas in Bbb or C.


Answer by  kiradeleria (465)

Do not buy the tuba unless the previous owner has arranged to have the instrument cleaned and repaired before hand. Also make sure the valves work and there aren't dents.

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