Question by  vasu (10)

What are the top piano songs?

We want to have a pianist at our wedding and I need to know what the top songs are.


Answer by  Rhianne (81)

I don't know if you care for John Denver at all, but he has a song called "For You" that he plays the piano. It's truly romantic.


Answer by  slucas (8)

Right Now by Van Halen is a very good piano song. When played solo on piano it is very easy to listen to ans well as catchy to the listner. Since Billy Joel composed most of his songs on piano they are also good when played solo by s pianoist.


Answer by  dc8333 (420)

It depends what you're into really. Personally I like Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness by Smashing Pumpkins, though for a wedding you'll probably want more of a classical slant and therefore Brahms' Piano Concertos would be more suitable.


Answer by  Allie1897 (18)

Oh the best song to play on a piano solo would have to be How to Save a Life: by the Fray


Answer by  bjudd (123)

Some of the best songs are "Endless Love", "Ave Maria", "Valentine", "Over the Rainbow", "I Swear", "Wedding March", and "From This Moment On".


Answer by  trench (35)

List of popular piano songs: Elton John-Rocket man, Fray-How to save a life, Over my head, Augustana-Boston, Keane-Somewhere only we know.

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