Question by  Toedude (25)

What are the Shea Stadium songs?


Answer by  Olive (1195)

That depends on the group. Many groups have performed at Shea Stadium, the Beatles for example, and Billy Joel. The Mets used to play at Shea Stadium and there would be the traditional singing. There was a Shea Stadium farewell concert. Many other groups have also performed at Shea Stadium.


Answer by  crabfoot (253)

The set list from the first (Beatles) concert at The Shea: "Twist and Shout" , "She's a Woman", "I Feel Fine", "Dizzy Miss Lizzy", "Ticket to Ride", "Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby", "Can't Buy Me Love", "Baby's in Black", "Act Naturally", "A Hard Day's Night", "Help! ", "I'm Down".


Answer by  Meredith92 (158)

The song that is played when the mets scores is Sandstorm by Darude. Also, there is the famous sing-a-long during the 7th inning stretch, Take Me Out to the Ballgame.


Answer by  McKmuze (27)

1965 Shea set list Twist And Shout - Cavern Ticket To Ride - Shea I Feel Fine - Shea John - Baby's In Black A Hard Day's Night Help! Dizzy Miss Lizzy She's A Woman Can't Buy Me Love I'm Down Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby Act Naturally

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