Question by  trashman (31)

What are some native Phillipine instruments?

I'm teaching a culture unit.


Answer by  sekhar203 (28)

"Agung a Tamlang, Dabakan" these are some types of drums, "Inci, Palendag, Pasiyak or Water whistle, Pulalu, Tumpong" these are some wind instruments, "Faglong/Fuglung,Fegereng, Hegelong, Kadlong, Kubing, Kudyapi, " are some string instruments and other some nice instruments are "Gandingan, Gandingan a Kayo, Kagul, Kulintang/Kolintang, Kulintang a Kayo, Kulintang a Tiniok, Luntang, "


Answer by  jadewood (95)

Well the Buktot ,Kudyapi ,faglong ,and the butling are and they are all like guitars in a way just designed diffrent and has lesser strings some has 4 strings some has 6


Answer by  clair58 (177)

I give below the some native Phillipine Musical Instruments: Children Guitar Musical box with small drawer Electronic Key Board Polyresyn wedding couple music box Musical box Tenor Saxaphone Alto Saxaphone Trumpet Clarinet French Horn Piccalo Plastic large single moon tambourine 49 key flash piano Drum sets Obo Wood flute Bamboo Flute

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