Question by  Robyn (12)

What are some good Christmas ringtones?

I want to be festive but not trite.


Answer by  lucky34 (50)

Some of my favorite christmas ringtones are winter wonderland, jingle bells, white christmas. All of these songs are great for wintery festivities not so much just christmas. If you like to have ringtones that play in public these are good from thanksgiving past christmas. Just don't leave them like the christmas lights get left up, preferably change before easter Sunday.


Answer by  whothefckisthat (154)

Old Lang Syne is a good choice. It can be played in a fast-happy beat or a slow-mellow beat, both being totally compatible with the song.


Answer by  johnlucio (41)

Santa Clause is Coming To Town or All I Want For Christmas.. Nice beat. Very pleasing and entertaining to hear..

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