Question by  DianaHunter (20)

What are some flowers from France?

I want to send my wife flowers from France to remind her of our honeymoon in Paris. Any ideas?


Answer by  caitchison (76)

France boasts many beautiful native flowers. To name a few, there are honeysuckles, cowslips, magnificent irises, deceptive "bee orchids", but most famous of all could arguably be the lavender. The flower compensates for its smaller, less gaudy appearance with the most beautiful and calming of scents.


Answer by  MrPKitty (329)

Iris and Rosemary are native to France. In the French traditions, give flowers in odd numbers, but never 13. No lilies or chrysanthemum as they are used for funerals.


Answer by  Bobinski (1652)

Iris flowers grow in France as do Purple flowers, Gerbera flowers (have a good vase life), Rosemary Bush and the Stylized Lily (this is the national flower of France), the Caci Cours Saleya, Sunflowers, and Daffodils. In the spring wild flowers such as giant yellow gentians, pink orchids, indigo blue gentians grow in the Pyrenees.


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

Roses are a popular choice, in France as well as in the States. The national flower of France is the lilly. Other popular flowers in France are the iris, the sunflower, daffodils and castle.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

One of my favorites is the lily and they have them in alot of different colors. Another one I like is the Multicolored Roses.


Answer by  sanesh (86)

Some flowers from France are , alyssum, petunias, geraniums, vinca, portaluca, vinca, there are many others, but these work. Some plants/flowers, will grow well in milder climates in full sun than in harsher hot ones.

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