Question by  Stush (28)

What are some effective ways to slow the aging process?

There's a lot of stuff on the market and I want to know what really works.


Answer by  mem4dr (1378)

Sunscreen is one of the best - and cheapest - ways to prevent premature aging of the skin. Simply by using sunscreen every day, you can greatly reduce the amount of damage and aging your skin gets.


Answer by  janeplowmanwindstreamnet (292)

The most effective method of slowing the aging process is not in a jar. Constant tanning leads to wrinkles. But the products from Olay do work pretty well.


Answer by  theorangeapple (56)

Oil of Olay has the best results in labs and in real life. They are not the most expensive but they really work. Also you can take a baby asprin a day and it really help prevents wrinkles, but you will want to ask your doctor before starting any new medication.


Answer by  HungryMonkey (12)

The only method that has been proven to slow the aging process in mammals is caloric restriction. A thirty percent reduction in calories can extend life span by up to thirty percent. This has been well-established in rodents, and the tests on monkeys will be completed in a few years.


Answer by  Sauve (435)

The aging process can be slowed but there are too many over the counter medications who claim to work. Natural things and foods work better, Vitamins are also good, do yoga and wilk a mile a day.


Answer by  guilmo (118)

The nutrition is a good factor(mailman) . To wash himself the face in the cow's milk would be supernatural. Too much bronzing(suntan) is harmful and accelere the ageing the skin

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