Question by  razaqmoidey (51)

What are some basic strategies in baseball?


Answer by  gcmeyer2 (787)

If you are teaching kids baseball the best strategies are simple. Make sure they know the mechanics of throwing, catching and hitting.


Answer by  DavidD (148)

Perhaps one of the best strategies for baseball is what is known as "small ball. " Small ball is the idea that winning is easier to accomplish through small plays such as bunting and base hits rather than major plays such as home runs and extra base hits.


Answer by  UOGuy (66)

Baseball strategies can range anywhere from small ball to power ball and from aggression to patience. Some teams coaches will visit the mound every time their pitcher lets a guy on base. Two contrasting teams are the New York Yankees, who take advantage of the short right field fence, and the Seattle Mariners, won't hit many homers.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Basic strategies in baseball are doing the fundamentals in order to have your team produce/reduce as many runs as possible.

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