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Question by  superwhites (220)

What are high hats for drum kits?


Answer by  g25 (48)

A high hat for a drum kit is comprised of one upward facing cymbal and one downward facing cymbal and is attached by a foot powered axle. They can either be struck or operated by the aforementioned foot pedal.


Answer by  DrumDaddy (13)

High hats are two cymbols put together on a stand that when a pedal is pushed down on the stand, the cymbols touch and make a noise.


Answer by  jconk (62)

The high hat (more commonly spelled hi-hat or hihat) consists of two cymbals on a stand which are operated by a foot pedal. Depressing the pedal will cause the two cymbals to hit each other. They can also be percussed by a drum stick.


Answer by  tatis9 (114)

A high hat or hihat consists of two cymbals that are clashed together using a pedal on the stand. These are part of drum kits by percussionists of popular music.


Answer by  jheremans (1446)

High-hats on drum kits are a sort of muted cymbal that often sits to the drummers left. It is connected to a pedal, which controls the distance between the two cymbals. A wider distance causes a more open cymbal sound, and the narrower distance is causes a muted tinnier sound. Both are very useful in the course of a song.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

The high hats are the set of cymbals that the drummer controls with the foot that is not on the bass drum. For a right-handed drum, it would be his left foot and vice versa. They are a set of two cymbals that opened and closed by way of a foot pedal.


Answer by  glockinfora (32)

The high hat is the pair of eleven to fifteen inch cymbals vertically stacked. They can be operated with a foot-pedal that brings them together to create the sound while/or the drummer plays them with his stick. It is important to set their distance with the clamp to achieve the desired effect.


Answer by  Jim46 (33)

High hats, or hi-hats are the cymbal sets that clap together. They are mounted on a pedal driven stand that allows the drummer to open and close them, producing diffent sounds. The top cymbal lifts vertically off the bottom, and closes square against it, rim to rim. Usually located next to the snare drum and used to keep rhythm.


Answer by  Olive (1195)

"High hats" the symbols that are typically are part of the drum kit. Usually these cymbols can be played either by hand or foot!


Answer by  paulbrown (32)

A high hat for a drum kit is a cymbal and stand, which is used for percussion in various types of music.

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